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I have recently been to Staveley, hoping to find out more about my ancestors and I discovered that my Maternal grandfather was a miner called William Sawyer who lived in Speedwell Terrace and worked in a mine locally. I presumed that it was the Speedwell mine. He died on pneumonia contracted after a flood in the mine (or so I have been told ! ) I don't know if this is of any interest to you but thought it might interest somebody ! The photograph is of Bill Sawyer. I've also enclosed details of my Great Grandfather and Great great Grandfather on my Grandmother's side of the family, who worked in the mines .

Cheers, Dawn Fixter.

MY Grandparents

2. William SAWYER was born in 1870 in Clay Cross, Derbyshire. On 31 Mar 1901 he was a Coal Road Layer

(underground) in Staveley, Derbyshire. He died of on 29 Aug 1919 in Staveley. William SAWYER and Mary MARTIN

Were married.

3. Mary MARTIN was born in 1871 in Staveley, Derbyshire. She was living on 5 Apr 1891 in Speedwell Terrace, Staveley Derbyshire (House of Thomas Richardson- Lodger).1 On 5 Apr 1891 she was a Dressmaker in Staveley, Derbyshire.2 On 31 Mar 1901 she was a Dressmaker in Staveley, Derbyshire.3 William SAWYER and Mary MARTIN 3

Third Generation

6. George MARTIN was born in 1828 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire. He was baptized on 8 Oct 1828 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire.4 On 6 Jun 1841 he was an Agricultural Labourer in Bevington, Ham, Gloucestershire.5 He was living on 6 Jun 1841 in Bevington, Ham, Gloucestershire (with Brother Charles).6 On 30 Mar 1851 he was a Coalminer in West Bromwich, Staffordshire.7 He was living on 28 Mar 1853 in Hill Top, West Bromwich, Staffordshire.8 He was living on 7 Apr 1861 in Bolsover, Derbyshire.9 On 7 Apr 1861 he was a Coal Miner in Bolsover, Derbyshire.10 He was living on 24 Jul 1864 in 26 Speedwell Terrace, Staveley, Derbyshire.11 On 2 Apr 1871 he was a Coalminer in Staveley, Derbyshire.12 He was living on 2 Apr 1871 in Staveley, Derbyshire.13 On 3 Apr 1881 he was a Coalminer in Staveley, Derbyshire.14 He Was living on 3 Apr 1881 in 1 Front Blocks, Speedwell Terrace, Staveley.15 He died of Paralysis 21 months on 21 Feb 1888 in 1 Speedwell Terrace, Staveley, Derbyshire.16 He was buried on 23 Feb 1888 in Staveley Cemetery, Staveley, Derbyshire.17 George MARTIN and Harriet BRIERLEY were married on 28 Mar 1853 in Harvils Hawthorn Chapel (Weslyan Methodist), West Bromwich, Staffordshire.18

V. Joseph MARTIN was born on 24 Jul 1864 in Staveley, Derbyshire.31 On 3 Apr 1881 he was a Coal Miner in Staveley, Derbyshire.32 On 5 Apr 1891 he Was a Colliery Deputy in Staveley.33 He was living on 5 Apr 1891 in Hartington Cottages, Staveley, Derbyshire.34 He was living on 13 Feb 1892 in Hartington Cottages, Staveley, Derbyshire.35 On 19 Jan 1897 he was a Mineral Water Manufacturer in Staveley, Derbyshire.36 On 28 Nov 1899 he Was a Mineral Water Manufacturer in Staveley, Derbyshire.37 He was living On 28 Nov 1900 in Porter Street, Staveley, Derbyshire.38 On 31 Mar 1901 he Was a Mineral Water Manufacturer in Staveley, Derbyshire.39 He is listed in Kelly's 1916 Directory trades and professions under Mineral Water Manufacturers in 1916 in Devonshire Works, Staveley, Derbyshire. He was living in 1930 in 33 High Street, Staveley, Derbyshire. He died of on 16 Oct 1932. He was buried on 19 Oct 1932 in

Staveley Cemetery, Staveley, Derbyshire. He left a total of £12000 in his will.
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