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Richard Collier shares some of his Bolsover family photographs.

Some old Bolsover family pictures - some so old I'm not sure who is on them!

1. Bolsover day-trip - probably chapel - to Blackpool 1920s.

2. Woodhouse/Gascoigne family group 1937.

3. Model Club 1907 - Quite gentile, huh?

4. Albert "Buller" Woodhouse - worked at Markham Pit then ran "Castle Coaches" from late-1950s. His wife Anne ran the shop (sometimes called the Pet Shop) to the left of The Angel.

5. Albert, Ron, Bill and Dorothy Woodhouse 1924.

6. Arthur George Collier & Clara Wilson's wedding c.1910. Clara's brother Leslie Wilson (front-right) ran an insurance agency business on Moor Lane and his sons still run the business (+ estate agency) in the Market Place and Bolsover Cruises travel agency.

7. Arthur & Clara Collier (early 1950s) outside 104 The Model Village.

8. William, Lizzie and Dorothy Woodhouse 1945.

"Willie Woodus" was a shot-firer at Bolsover Colliery and well-known round all the Bolsover pubs, as he worked as a "bookies runner" for his brother Jim before betting shops were legal. Jim's son (Roland) and grandson (Alan Woodhouse) later ran the Sportsdrome.

Lizzie Woodhouse (known as Diddie) ran stalls on Bolsover Market then shops at 39 Hill Top and 2 The Market Place.

My mother Dorothy was the pre-war telephonist at the Bolsover Telephone Exchange.

9. Bill Woodhouse and Loreen Harper in Sherwood Lodge after their wedding (late-1940s).

Bill's whole working life was working for the Council at Sherwood Lodge, mainly as a rent collector.

Loreen had two shops in Bolsover: one, a wool shop including a book library on the Cotton Street corner of The Market Place, then a children's close shop at the top of Station Road.

10. Bolsover Pit Management on nationalisation in 1947. My grandfather Arthur Collier (Pit Top Foreman) is on the back row, just to the left of the door.

Richard Collier.

Many thanks to Richard Collier for sharing these wonderful family photographs.

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