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Jo Webley

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Apart from the Colliery Club at New Bolsover the men had many extramural activities to broaden their minds including the colliery band.

The following photographs are of the band and in particular the relations of  Jo Webley.

Top Left. Photo with instruments, grandfather Thomas Webley is seated 1st left with the base tuber, uncle Tom is standing above him 3rd left without a flat cap.
1927 Bolsover Colliery School. Some of the men are still covered in coal dust. Photo without instruments, grandfather Thomas Webley is the tallest gent 3rd right.

Top Right. Again 1927. Location Midland Station Bolsover Colliery

Bottom Left. The Colliery band. Thomas Webley far left kneeling. Tom Webley 4th left standing.

Bottom Right. Bolsover Colliery Boilers with Mr Foster who was the bandmaster at this time.

Photographs many thanks Jo Webley.
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