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The Bridge over the A632 from Bolsover Colliery.

Prior to Demolition. Photographed by The Late Kenneth (Nip) Bluff.

Taken just a short while before its demolition early in 1999 the Railway Bridge over the A632 from Bolsover colliery to the site of the colliery spoil tips across the way from New Bolsover.

The first view is looking east towards Bolsover castle and the bottom view is looking west to Mill Farm and Chesterfield. The site is now a new roundabout for the old Bolsover colliery industrial estate.

When the bridge was removed it certainly let a lot of daylight in.

Map, 1897.

Carr Lane Bridge

Two views of the bridge constructed in the 1890's carrying the ancient Carr Lane over the old Midland Railway Doe Lea Branch prior to removal. The old line is now the Stockley Trail.

SK.46/56. 46206915.

Left Photo: Looking towards the Coalite. Photograph taken on the site of old Sutton Station.  
Right Photo: Looking towards Glapwell. Site of Sutton Station to right after bridge.

Photographs Copyright Mrs. Margaret Fretwell. 

The road is closed for a while so the bridge can be removed: January 16th 1995.

Left Photo: Taken in 1999 shows Carr Lane running over the Midland line, this rise is levelled out in 1995. Palterton & Sutton station to the left and Bolsover station to the right.  
Right Photo: The line is levelled and filled. 1995.

Left Photo: View towards Glapwell. December 1999.   
Right Photo: View towards Carr Vale from Sutton and Palterton Station Site. December 1999.

Photographs Copyright ANB.

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