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Brimington Collieries.

Brimington Colliery SK 36/37 393733
Brimington Common Colliery SK 47/57 40707275.

Brimington Colliery.

Derbyshire Times January 16th. 1875. To let the getting and banking of coal at the above colliery. None but experienced miners need apply. Applications to be made to Whitebank House Derby Road.

Derbyshire Times February 6th. 1875. To be sold by auction all the valuable colliery known as Brimington Colliery with a valuable bed of Silkstone and other seams of coal and ironstone situate at Brimington. With the freehold close of land known as 'Punches' and also a close of land called 'Renshaw', the shafts of the colliery are sunk in the lastly named close of land. Together with a valuable steam engine, machinery, gearing, shafting, wagons and other effects belonging to and used by the vendor in working of the said colliery. The coal can be profitably and speedily won.

This colliery was on Brimington Road at around 397729 on the site of the Crematorium.

A small colliery in 1896 which is reported as employing 3 men underground and 1 on the surface, the manager is Mr. S.M. Lancaster for his own company at Brewery Street, Chesterfield. Mining house coal from the Silkstone seam.

Brimington Common Colliery.

Derbyshire Times 19th. May 1883.

Mr. T.Wardle is to sell by auction on 29th. May Brimington Common Colliery and the whole colliery plant and workshops etc. Engine House with Cornish boiler 16 foot x 6 foot diameter. Winding engine 10 inch cylinder 20 inch stroke link motion, 2 pulleys 8 foot diameter. Headgear 24 foot pitch pine new. 2 pit cages, 10 trams, carts, weighing machine. Carpenters and blacksmiths shops. The auctioneers can confidently recommend the above most of which have had little or no ware and have only recently been erected. Engine house with a blue slate roof 17 foot x 21 ½ foot. Offices 17 foot x 12 foot x 8 foot high. Workshops 34 foot x 13 ½ foot. Colliery situated on Manor Road at 40707275.

Bagshaw Colliery SK 39807 72992.

Derbyshire Times. 15th February 1868.

Coal is delivered in Chesterfield at the following prices.

Orders left at Mr Hopkinson Glueman Gate will be attended to. Stephen Sayer Proprietor.

Tinkersick Colliery SK 36/37 396731

Brimington Colliery – Owners.

No. 1.    1854 – 1858       J. Knowles.
No. 2.    1854 – 1855       W. Ripley.
No. 3.    1867 – 1869       Stephen Sayer.
             1870 – 1871       Locoford Coal Co. Ltd.
             1872 – 1879       Tapton Coal Co. Ltd.
             1880 – 1881       Philemon Hicks. Brimington Lane Colliery.

Brimington Lane Colliery.

No. 1.    1874 – 1876      C. Black.
No. 2.    1874                  Robert Carr.
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