New Bolsover.

Close to the town of Bolsover and the village of Carr Vale lies the village of New Bolsover or 'the Model Village' which was created by the paternalistic Bolsover colliery company in the 1890's to house the colliery workforce. The plans were created by Percy Houghton and Emerson Muschamp Bainbridge the chairman of the company in 1888 and revised by Sir Richard Webster. Building work commenced in 1891 and by late 1892 fifty of the two hundred houses were occupied. Included in the design of the village were a miners institute, school, co-operative store, orphanage for children of fathers killed in the employ of the company, allotment gardens, Methodist and Anglican churches and a large assembly hall and bandstand on the village green. The experiment led to the building of the larger Creswell 'Model Village' in 1901 and the creation of Forest Town near to Mansfield Woodhouse.

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New Bolsover Colliery Club. (Now the Sportsman Public House).

Three types of house were constructed at New Bolsover, two types to house workers, single story for small families and double story (attic room) for larger families and the 'Villas' which were nearer to the colliery to house the officials. A tub railway ran from the pit to the village to help in its construction and on completion was used to transport coal for the home fires and bring the night spoil back for disposal. The village was patrolled by the Bolsover colliery police officer and in the 1920's New Bolsover had sergeant G.Murrey and one constable looking after the inhabitants. A sandstone quarry was started in the 1920's for building materials around the site of the new Bowling Green at New Bolsover.


Wesleyan Church. Demolished. Last Used 1970ís. Orphanage now Bainbridge Hall.





The village was in draft form in a statement in 1891 and rent was 3 shillings and sixpence for the larger houses and three shillings for the smaller ones.

Colliers moved out if they ceased employ at the colliery.


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2009. The Castle Overlooks the Village.




The Inner Row.




The Colliery Club 2009.




Right Inner and Outer Rows.




Left Outer Row.




Left Outer Row and Co-operative Stores.




Evidence of the Past.




The Co-op.




Site Prior to Development 1883. Ordnance Survey.




1938. Ordnance Survey.