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1). I have lost a number of emails from 2017, if you have not received a reply to your email please resend them to me and I will answer them.

2). For some inexplicable reason it may be necessary to reload the web page to see all the items on that page.  
If there is a blank space between items reload the page and they should appear.
I am unsure whether this is the site or the software used to build it.
Sorry about this.

3). Due to financial constraints I will be leaving this site as HTTP and not going over to HTTPS. The site does not ask you for any personal or financial information and can thus be considered safe to browse.

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Creswell Colliery. Updated with a visit in 1898 by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. 02/01/2018
Oxcroft Colliery 1873-1974. NCB. 05/01/2018.
Thoresby Colliery Photographs 2008. 08/01/2018.
Welbeck Colliery Photographs 2008.
Harworth Colliery Photographs 2011.
Clipstone Colliery Photographs 2015.
Glapwell Colliery. Updated. 23/01/2018.
Colliery Company Letterheads. (Many Thanks to Glynn Waite). 24/01/2018.
Oxcroft Colliery Updated. 25/01/2018.
Palterton Collieries Updated. 26/01/2018.
1577 Alehouse Licences. (Licencees names only). 29/01/2018.
(H)Ault Hucknall Church Stained Glass Windows. Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society. Vol.XX January 1898. 30/01/2018.

A visit to Hardwick Hall and the Hardwick Inn from a book written by Josephine Tozier published in 1904. 12/02/2017.
Photographs etc of Bolsover Castle. There are now many old books out of copyright and digitised on Archive .org. Here are some photographs from them.

Mining Methods. Updated with old drawings. 08/03/2017.

Dosco Roadheader Mark 2a. Sited at Pleasley Colliery. 17/10/2018.

Underground. Mining the Bolsover Colliery Company Coal. 1930's style.

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